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A fundamental practice principle of Harvest Moon Women's Health is to be a source of information and support to our clientele.  We aim to establish a personal, mutually comfortable working relationship with all of our clients. To help make that possible, we interview all potential new clients, at no cost, before accepting them. We want to make sure you feel comfortable working with us and that we are able to provide what you expect in a health care provider.


We take a limited number of clients for delivery each month to ensure that we will be available when necessary.  There are no other physicians "on call".  There is no answering service.  When you're in labor you know exactly who will be there.  When you call, whether during office hours or in the middle of the night, you always know the provider with whom you are speaking.


We strive to provide our clients with accurate, unbiased information.  To remain current, we read and evaluate original research and separate fact from opinion.  For each client, we explain risks, benefits of, and controversies surrounding currently offered routine medical interventions so the client can make truly informed choices.


We welcome questions from anyone.  We are happy to provide second opinions and consultations as needed for non-clients without the normal interview process.

Home Birth

Safe, comfortable support for you in your home is what we do.  Using the best practices and information from obstetrics and midwifery communities across the globe results in less intervention, a healthier outcome for you, and more options for your birth.   In a normal, healthy pregnancy every component of gestation, labor, and delivery is exquisitely tailored to produce the healthiest, best-adapted baby possible.  This system sets in motion events that drive the health of your children and your children's children throughout their lives. We work with you and your family to create a safe environment so you can relax and your body can do what 200,000 years of evolution has prepared it to do.

Water Birth

Immersion in water during labor and delivery has become an increasingly popular option since the practice was promoted by French obstetrician Michael Odent in 1981.  The benefits of warm water immersion include better toleration of labor with less use of pain medication, decrease in maternal anxiety, ease of movement, and the benefit of buoyancy to maintaining positions which help to open the pelvic outlet and assist in maternal expulsive efforts while pushing.
We provide everything you need including the birth pool, with several options to choose from.  You need only purchase a new pool liner.

Prenatal Care

We offer complete prenatal care including ultrasounds, labwork, nutrition and exercise counseling and risk assesment.  We provide accurate information from obstetrics and midwifery around the world to help you understand the issues and make truly informed choices.  Most importantly, we make every effort to support you in any reasonable, evidence-based choice.  And we welcome your input, your references, your sources, your wisdom.  We learn a lot from our clients!

Women's Health in the Reproductive Years

Women face many personal choices during the years from menarche to menopause. We are ready to provide you with discrete, compassionate support and current information about the options available to you across a wide range of issues including contraception, sexually transmitted infections, menstrual concerns, conception and preconceptual counselling, cervical health, vaccinations, breast concerns, nutrition, and exercise.

Women's Health in the Postreproductive Years

After the childbearing years have passed the choices and options may become even more complex and for many even more sensitive.  Changes in your body as you age may limit your activity which in turn may accelerate your aging.  There is much wisdom in the old adage, "use it or lose it" and it applies to everything you do.  Conflicting information about hormones, disease risks, alternative therapies, sexual activity, and nutritional requirements can be bewildering and exhausting. Growing older is inevitable but losing your ability to function is not.


You are the youngest you will ever be right now! We can help you approach the vagaries of your golden years with nutrition and exercise suggestions, plant-sourced hormone replacement regimens tailored to your specific needs, and a variety of approaches to help you lead a full, vibrant, active life.

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