Prenatal Care With Harvest Moon Women's Health

 Consultations are always tailored to what you need, but here are a few examples of things we might cover. 

  • Skills: We can help you learn and hone skills like feeling your baby's position, listening to your baby's heart beat, checking in with your body, etc.
  • Testing Choices: We will discuss all routine testing that is typically offered during pregnancy in detail.  The risks and benefits, indications and alternatives of each intervention are explained and the decisions are yours.
  • Nutrition and Movement: We can take a look at your diet journal and talk about how to optimize your prenatal nutrition and how to adapt your nutrition to your own needs in your pregnancy.  
  • Emotional Support: We talk about the emotional aspects of your pregnancy and point you towards resources to support you (sometimes just having someone listen and tell you what you are feeling is normal can make all the difference!).
  • We strive to develop strong relationships with all of our clients. The benefit of our model of care is the continuity factor. We will be with you throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. You can rest easy knowing that the relationships we are building together are going to help build the trust and support that goes into the care that we provide you during this journey. 
  • Clarifying Your Birth Plan - We can work on your birth plan and strategize how best to get the birth you want.