Meet Our Team


David Hayes. MD Birth Attendant

 David is a home birth OB. He has been attending home births for 12 years. He has an extensive background of knowledge about physiologic birth and supports women respecting their autonomy in birth. He has attended over 300 home births including multiple gestations and breech presentations. David is passionate about physiologic vaginal breech birth and is active in efforts to teach physiologic breech birth to the next generation of birth attendants of all backgrounds.

He is involved in the Coalition for Breech Birth and Human Rights in Childbirth, and is a member of the Birth Rights Bar Association.

When he is not serving women or attending births David enjoys hiking with his pup, writing his new novel, playing guitar, using his hands for building projects. He also enjoys traveling and sailing! 


Sarah Tuck - Assistant/Apprentice Midwife

Sarah is our assistant/apprentice midwife with Harvest Moon Women's Health. She is currently enrolled in The Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. She has extensive midwifery skills training and continues adding to her midwifery education every chance that she gets. 
She is a trained herbalist and brings her knowledge of botanical medicine for women into our practice. 
When she is not working with women or attending births Sarah enjoys spending time with her daughter. She enjoys hiking, writing, coffee, knitting, connecting with her community, singing, and anything to do with children and babies.