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A Comfortable Fit


We strongly believe that "one size" health care does not fit all.  People have different approaches to their care and the relationship they desire with their provider.  Some are looking for a doctor to test them, treat them, cure them and send them home. They may prefer to have someone else gather the information and make the decisions for them and there are many physicians out there who are happy to accommodate them. 


We believe that people are not only entitled to control their health care, but have better health when they do. A good health care partnership can best function when the clients and providers have similar approaches.


To that end we like to meet with potential clients, at no cost, to make sure you feel comfortable working with us and we feel able to offer what you are looking for in a health care provider.

Questions? Get in touch.


We keep our operation small, simple, and personal.  We do not accept insurance of any type, including Medicaid and Medicare, nor do we file insurance claims.  Many insurance policies will, however, reimburse some or all of the fees, both for office visits and for home birth services. We will gladly provide the bills and appropriate codes for you to file claims with your insurer. 


For prenatal and home birth services, we ask for an initial  deposit and will work out a payment schedule to fit most any budget.


For consultations and most office services, excluding pregnancy packages, payment is appreciated at the end of each visit.


Lab work done in house will either be billed at cost or, for complete pregnancy packages, included in the package. For lab work that is sent to outside laboratories, an insurance claim will normally be filed by the laboratory.

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