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Strategies To Avoid A Cesarean Delivery


Did you know that 1 in 3 women in this country will have a C-Section? 

Join us for a discussion/presentation about what measures you can take to spot the red flags from your provider and learn ways to avoid having an unnecessary surgery. Whether you are a first time mom or have had a previous c-section you will learn the importance that hormones play in labor and how the disruption of this process can affect the way you labor and increase your risk of having a c-section. We will also discuss how one intervention can cause a cascade of other interventions and how that can often lead to c-sections. 

While c-sections can be lifesaving when there is a true emergency, often c-sections are performed because you are not birthing according to your providers timeline or because your provider isn't trained or experienced in managing certain situations, or the hospital risk management policy won't allow providers to attend those births even when they are trained.

Obstetricians consistently underestimate the risks associated with cesarean deliveries and mothers are rarely adequately informed before consenting to the procedure.

We'll talk about common interventions and ways you can increase the chances of a safe, healthy birth without unnecessary. We will also look at some statistics, talk about why the number of c-sections is rising. We will offer questions to ask potential providers and tips on how to have a dialogue with your provider that empowers you to exercise your autonomy and choice when it comes to the way you give birth. 

We will watch a few videos of disturbed and undisturbed birth as well. Snacks will be provided. 

This is a free event, but donations will be gratefully accepted and used to help make home birth services available to all in the community regardless of financial circumstances. community will benefit the mamas & babies!


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